Manage Queues, Organize Transaction Measures customer transactions and performance of its customer-facing employees

Valued Customers

Queuing Master

The Intelligent Queue Management System designed to help companies organize and control the number of customers transacting in their stores and offices.

It is an important tool to measure the performance of each customer-facing employees on how they attend each customer using the built-in analytics - this is necessary to establish better processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Integra QMaster significantly help the management in observing their customer demographics, peak operating times, and many more.

Why You Need to Manage Your Queues

Annually, businesses loss 20% to 30% from their revenue because of the hours and efforts that were not maximized due to inconsistencies in processes. If employees' processing time and productivity rates are not measured, there would be no basis whether the employees are doing more or less to achieve the desired output.

However, these issues can be easily resolved as the Integra QMaster places high value and integrity on improving these two significant aspects: the Operations Workflow and customer satisfaction.

System Solution

Full-blown Wireless, Wired, or a Combination thereof, the Integra QMaster can flexibly handle any company's queuing requirements.

SMS Capability SMS Notification can be sent to the customers on-queue once their ticket is to be called in a few minutes. This allow customers to manage their time properly and reduce the crowd size within the company premises.


Operation Workflow

Lessens the time handling customer transactions are handled, thus assuring efficiency during influx of clients to each counter.

Provides analytics and employee reports to the management and provide opportunity to improve employee efficiency, operations, performance and processing time.

Provides businesses flexibility to customize the interface, input their own transaction names, and scale to suit their requirements.

Utilizes wireless technology and SMS capability for businesses to transfer from manual/ analogue to technologically-based system.

Provides company a medium to show their latest videos/ promos/ products/ announcements in the configurable display grid (LED TV) along with the on-screen counter and numbers as part of their marketing strategy.

Cusotmer Satisfaction

Assures that customers are attended to quickly, making them appreciate the company’s services.

Ensure that customers are served in a fair and efficient manner and provide accurate estimated waiting times that help manage expectations and reduce frustration for them.

Help customers to be familiar with the company’s transaction and processes with the help of the system customizable features

Systemizes the way customers queue and aptly handles a situation if ever a customer mistakenly lined up on the wrong counter.

Keeps customers waiting patiently and well-informed about the companies’ latest products or promotions as shown in their display grids (LED TV)

Process Flow

Configurable Drag and Drop Workflow

Special Features

Configurable Drag And Drop Layout

(No hard-coding required and it can be changed anytime)

  • Browser-based operation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Works even without printer paper
  • Automatic summary of queue entries per transaction
  • Automatic/ Manual customer queue selection
  • Customer queue transfer
  • Comprehensive analytics system
  • Flexible report time durations
  • Supports multiple ticket printers
  • SMS Notifications
  • Multiple display support
  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • User-definable buttons
  • Customizable Interface Graphics
  • Pass or Grab on Queues
  • Cancelation for No Show customer

How It Works

Teller's view on Tablet/ Laptop/ Desktop

Call Next

Will inform the person next in line to the counter


The person will proceed to the on-queue list


Transaction of the person is completed and tagged as served by the counter.

Serve & Call

For faster transaction, click "Served & Call" instead. After serving a customer, the person next in line will be called immediately.


If a queue number has been called but no customer appears at the counter, the number will be tagged as skip and added to the on-queque list. (After serving the current customer, the teller may still calls out the skipped numbers)

Skip & Call

Skip & Call works similarly to serve and call which is also convenient for the fast-paced transaction


Counter with short line could help others by grabbing their customers to lessen the average waiting time.


Teller can pause from taking a customer and if someone with a disability, pregnant, or an elderly can prioritize by calling them from the on-queue list

Key Strengths


Industry tested hardware and software components. The Integra QMaster is designed to perform all days of the year. It has a user-friendly interface which allow customers and counter-operators alike to easily adapt while using the system.


The Integra QMaster can easily be expanded into more complex installations because of its flexible nature. Additional counters can be connected with ease as long as they are connected to the same network.


It only requires installation in the server and allow PCs or tablets connected to a local network be used as workstations. This setup provides faster response, easier implementations, and fast deployment of system upgrades.


The Integra QMaster uses a smart classification of services which allows to direct customers to counters corresponding to the services they require. Additionally, counters may choose to call customers either manually or automatically, thus allowing counters to conduct prioritizations


In order to be compatible with the various needs of each company, the Integra QMaster is designed to be customizable – from the system design which defines the number of counters, devices used, and number of queue displays all the way to the system’s visual elegance including ticket design and queue display layout.

Analytics & Reports

The Integra Queue Master has built-in analytics that allows companies to gather information about the transactions served at any given point in time. This function gives them the ability to have an overview on all the activities going on, as well as find opportunities to improve services.

Transaction Summary

Graphical Transaction Summary

Waiting Time Summary

Serving Time Summary

Hourly Summary

Summary of Skipped Numbers

  • Audit Trail Report
  • Average Transaction Tion per Period/ Time Range
  • Average Transaction Time per Teller
  • Custom Report
  • Deleted Users per Month
  • Detailed Transaction Time per Ticket Number
  • Dormant/ Unused Accounts
  • Hourly Summary
  • Users by Role Assignment
  • Users by Role Assistant
  • Last User Login
  • Locked/ Unlocked Users
  • Serving Time Summary Report
  • Summary Skipped Number Report
  • Total Number of Transaction Per Sub Group Report
  • Total Number of Transaction Per Teller
  • Transaction Details Report
  • Waiting Time Summary Report

Completed Projects

GSIS Integra Queue Master

To maximize frontline efficiency and manage orderliness of the voluminous members coming into the GSIS Branch Offices, IQM was deployed to a total of 42 Branches Nationwide. GSIS awarded the project to Cosmotech Philippines Inc., through a public bidding for the implementation of Queuing System utilizing the Integra Queue Master using High-End Display, Ticket Printer, Sound System, and PC with the Server and Workstation Software.

GSIS Roxas

GSIS Bacolod

GSIS Baguio

GSIS Bataan

GSIS Bayombong

GSIS Butuan

GSIS Cabanatuan

GSIS Catbalogan

GSIS Cagayan de Oro


GSIS Cotabato

GSIS Dagupan

GSIS Davao

GSIS Dipolog

GSIS Dumaguete

GSIS Roxas

GSIS Kidapawan

GSIS La Union

GSIS Laguna

GSIS Laoag

GSIS Legaspi

GSIS Lucena

GSIS Maasin

GSIS Malaybalay


GSIS Pagadian

GSIS Palawan

GSIS Pampanga

GSIS Roxas

GSIS Surigao

GSIS Tagum

GSIS Tarlac

GSIS Tuguegarao

GSIS Tuguegarao

LTO NCR Integra Queue Master (2016)

LTO NCR awarded a project to Cosmotech through a public bidding to supply and implement a queuing system for 8 branches in Metro Manila. LTO used our system to make sure the service time for each customer are tracked. It is also a helpful tool to measure the efficiency of the employees managing the front line.

LTO NCR-Makati


LTO NCR-Tayuman

LTO NCR-San Juan

LTO NCR-Las Piñas


LTO NCR-G. Araneta

LTO NCR-Caloocan

LTO Region 3 Integra Queue Master (2017 - 2018)

To manage orderliness of the voluminous transaction of customers coming into the LTO Branches, LTO Region 3 awarded the project to Cosmotech Philippines Inc., through a public bidding for the implementation of Queuing System utilizing the Integra Queue Master using High-End Display, Kiosk with Server and Ticket Printer and tablet pc for the tellers.

LTO Region 3 Apalit

LTO Region 3 Bataan

LTO Region 3 Guagua

LTO Region 3 Mabalacat

LTO Region 3 Sta. Maria

LTO Region 3 Zambales

LTO Region 3 Nueva Ecija

LTO Region 2 Bayombong - Integra Queue Master (2016)

To maximize efficiency and manage orderliness of the voluminous customer transaction, LTO Region 2 awarded the project to Cosmotech through a public bidding for the implementation of Queuing System using High-End Display, Kiosk with Server and Ticket Printer and Tablet PC for the tellers.

LTO Region 2 Bayombong

LTO Region 3 Nueva Ecija

LTO Region 2 Cabagan

LTO Region 2 Cauayan

LTO Region 2 Cauayan

LTO Region 2 Ilagan

LTO Region 2 Roxas

LTO Region 2 Sanchez Mira

LTO Region 2 Santiago

DTI - Bureau of Phil. Standards

After the successful implementation of the first project with Z connect, another Queuing Management System project was implemented to their client. The system has 10 call stations with Kiosk wherein the visitors can select what Department to go to.

LTO Region 3 Nueva Ecija

Integra Queue Master manages the voluminous customers transacting with the Department of Trade and Industry for the registration of businesses, Integra Queue Master also facilitates the gathering of feedbacks from customers providing the DTI management the right tool understand how to serve their customers.

Land Transportation Office - LTO NCR

LTO NCR awarded a project to Cosmotech through a public bidding to supply and implement a queuing system for 8 branches in Metro Manila. LTO uses the IQM system to assure that the service time for each customer are tracked. It is also a helpful tool to measure the efficiency of the employees managing the front line.

National Home Mortgage Finance Corp.

NHMFC awarded to Cosmotech through a public bidding the Implementation of Integra Queue Management System to replace their old queuing system with a more flexible system with built-in analytics and reports which is helpful to the agency utilizing High-End Display, Kiosk with touch monitor and Ticket Printer, PC with the Server and Workstation Software.

NKTI / Baxter

Baxter Healthcare Philippines awarded the Queuing Management System project to Cosmotech to manage National Kidney Transplant Institute (NKTI) patient’s schedule on claiming the solutions and appointment scheduling for the doctor’s visit. With this system, the administrator can set the maximum number of patients per day for the next claim and clinic visit to reduce the number of people waiting in the building and to improve quality care for the patients. The system also includes an SMS feature that will remind the patients three days prior to their schedule. The QMS project is located at the newly built Peritoneal Dialysis Facility (NKTI).

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Payroll Management

Process payroll for thousands of employees in a few minutes, thereby saving a significant amount of time in payroll preparation. Likewise, it automates computation of government statutory deductions such as withholding tax, GSIS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG. In addition, it handles the processing of Year-End Benefit (YEB) and Cash Gift, Year-End Tax Adjustment, RATA, PERA, Loyalty Pay, Longevity Pay and allows to create and define qualification criteria to process other unlimited earnings and bonuses. Government reports namely GSIS remittances and loan payments, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG, BIR Form 2316, and alphalist are available in the system. Furthermore, employees may request for a voluntary SSS Contribution.

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Online submission of Personal Data Information, and filing of required documentary requirements has never been more accessible and easier to internal and external applicants. The system handles scheduling of examinations and interviews with email notifications to applicants. It automates the initial screening of applicants’ age and citizenship, records their examination scores and interview ratings and provides information on the required CSC Qualification Standard per position against the qualification of the applicant for easier evaluation. Personnel Selection Board (PSB) members can transcribe their agreement, results of their deliberation and scores per applicant. The module captures different recruitment status such as For Hiring, For Interview, For Examination, For Archive, For Future Pool, and Blacklisted. It automatically transfers hired applicant’s electronic record to employee masterfile.

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Employee Self-Service​ - (ESS)

The Employee Self-Service allows a paperless application and approval of Leave of Absence, Overtime (OT), Travel Order (TO), Official Business (OB), DTR Correction, and Training Requests anytime, anywhere using the internet. Approvers are user-definable and can be assigned on a per employee basis. Users don’t have to worry about their application as they will be notified about the status of their request. Likewise, employees may view and print their own payslip, Daily Time Record (DTR) and Leave Ledger wherever they are at any instance which reduces the time and effort of the HR Personnel.
To keep the employees updated of the current activities and information about the agency, the system is designed to allow the HR Personnel to upload News, Announcements, and Company Policies. Moreover, employees are allowed to submit their personal feedback and suggestions to HR Personnel. Forums are also possible in the system for the employees to discuss important topics without roaming around other departments/areas.ESS may come with mobile application which makes it more portable and convenient for employees to use when filing applications and accessing timesheets and payslips.

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It allows users to create an unlimited number of trainings based on the competencies for further enhancement. The Training Module provides a summary of training required per employee based on the competency requirements per position. System provides the summary of training requested by the employee including its status such as attended, partially attended and not yet attended by employee. The Personnel Development Committee can easily monitor, identify, and approve trainings that exceed the maximum allowable requirement of training through Employee Self- Service (ESS).

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Wellness and Relations

A module designed to define an unlimited number of events or activities such as sports, cultural events, social events, and the likes that promotes the monitoring of participated activities by the employees, which are also available in the generated reports for employees’ wellness activities. This module can also identify and maintain unlimited schedule of activities and selection of participants, wherein selected participants can be notified through the Employee Self-Service Announcement Widget.

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This module allows user to easily retrieve and modify employee’s medical records from their recruitment up to his present day to day medical requirements. Setting of employees’ and dependents’ maximum reimbursable amount per medical category can be done through this module. It also has the facility to record and save unlimited number of diseases and illnesses as listed in the International Codes of Diseases (ICD-10). The system ensures reliable, consistent, and faster processing of employees’ and dependents’ medical claims. Moreover, it automates the monitoring of employees’ utilized and available medical balances. It also generates reports which can be used to determine the most commonly acquired diseases and illnesses by employees that affect their attendance and performance.

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Property Monitoring

A module that defines an unlimited number of items or assets and has the facility to create an item number and a system generated code (which can serve as reference code) for each defined asset that can be distributed and assigned to employees. It also eases the management of employees’ accountabilities movement (transfer and returns) through record history of issued assets. This is a very helpful tool for accounting department in tracking of inventory of all accountable properties assigned to employees because of its fast availability of information on item details such as acquisition date, acquisition cost, and employees’ property assignment. This is beneficial especially when a retiring / resigning employee is applying for their final clearance.

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Strategic Performance Management System - (SPMS)

With Integra HRIS Government Edition, the performance of employee, organizational unit, and company as a whole can be measured based on scientific metrics through the use of Strategic Performance Management System as required by Civil Service Commission (CSC). It processes Individual Performance Scorecard (IPS), Executive and Managerial Officers Performance Scorecard (EMOPS), Competency Assessment Result (CARS), Individual Learning and Education Accelerating Performance Plans (ILEAP), Feedback Observed Competencies for Coaching and Improvement Sheet (FOCCIS), Progress Accomplishment and Coaching Engagement Requirement (PACER), and other performance reports and forms as required by CSC. It identifies the list of competencies per employee for further development to be included in the company’s training program.

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Leave Management

Managing and monitoring of employee leaves has never been this easy. This module makes the updating of all leave types such as Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Paternity Leave, Maternity Leave and others more convenient. It even allows automatic generation of Sick Leave and Vacation Leave earnings per month and monetization of leave balances anytime of the year. Also, easily monitors the employees’ leave application status assuring that no applications will be left unattended.

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Employee Record Management

Integra HRIS Government Edition manages the information of all employees such as the complete Personal Data Information, scanned 201 document, Employee Career Movement, Agency Service Records and Plantilla History. Employee Records regarding family background, work experience, current employment details, employment history, service records, and other relevant information can easily be maintained. Additionally, this module has the facility to process the issuance of all types of action notices such as promotion, renewal of contract, transfer, reinstatement, step increment, reassignment, job rotation, and a lot more. It also has a facility to attach documents such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Diploma, Training Certification and more.

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Time and Attendance

Tracking employees’ Daily Time Records (DTR) using timesheet or time cards can be highly stressful especially for those that employ thousands of employees. This activity alone may become costly, overwhelming and time consuming. If not given utmost importance, this is a major cause of financial losses to an organization.

Integra HRIS Government Edition has the most comprehensive time and attendance solution. The system can create unlimited number of local and nationwide holidays and schedules including flexi-time, core- time, shifting and attendance exempt that can be assigned on per employee basis. Employees overtime can either be paid in cash or be converted into Compensatory Overtime Credit (COC). In addition, system can be linked directly to biometric devices thus eliminate manual input of time in and time out of employees.

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