Hear your clients out and improve your business with their feedback. Never miss out any opportunity to get a full and in- depth understanding of what your customers are thinking about your organization, products and services with the benefits of the URateMe Feedback Management System.

Integra URateMe is a Feedback Management System designed to communicate with clients while creating better operational standards. It allows companies to improve their services with the help of their customers who wish to receive superior customer value. The system delivers an accurate and automated perception of your customer insights and provides opportunity to take immediate action to mitigate and improve defective process or bad service practices being rendered and provides an effective tool to determine its effectivity.


Direct Customer Engagement

Clients may easily provide complaints, praises, and suggestions in the system

Improved and Positive Customer Service

Services become fast as deliverables are thoroughly being monitored

Improved Customer Loyalty

Valuing customer’s feedback encourages loyalty of customer

Client Demographics

Available market profile data through obtained visitor demographics such as age, gender, and civil status while tracking the customer to employee representative ratio

Standard Treatment

Treatments on all clients become the same regardless of their nationality, occupation, and socio-economic status

Employee Performance Profile

Track employees' performances by the number of customers served, satisfaction/dissatisfaction ratings, and clients' feedback by questionnaire category

Branch Performance Profile

Gather branch information based on the total number of customers served, satisfaction/dissatisfaction rating, and performing employee per branch




Graphical and tabular presentation of results
Consolidates data from all branches
Username and password protected Admin Pages
User customizable details on Questionnaires, Greetings, and 'Thank you' messages
User maintainable records of Employees, Branches, and Survey Questions


Report Generation (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly)
Demographic Reports - Satisfaction Rating per Criteria (Age, Gender, Owner/Representative Ratio)
Employee Rating Per Branch
Employee Performance Report (Number of Customers Served, Satisfaction Rating per Criteria)


The Feedback Management System Set-up of URateMe offers an efficient solution, both for local and multi-branch operational monitoring. Through Integra URateMe, reports from all branches can be transmitted fast through the company’s VPN.

Completed Projects

DTI - Bureau of Phil. Standards Integra Queue Master (2017)

Integra Queue Master manages the voluminous customers transacting into the Department of Trade and Industry for the registration of their businesses, Integra Queue Master also facilitates gathering of the feedback from the customers leaving the DTI management the right tool to know more about how to serve their customers.

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