The first downloadable subscription- based HRIS Software in the Philippines that provide your company with a complete, comprehensive, convenient, and scalable Human Resource, Payroll and Timekeeping solution to your HR-related processes that improves the efficiency of your People Management without hiring any additional manpower

IntegraHRIS 365 is the latest version of the Integra HRIS Payroll Master Cloud edition which is made downloadable to end users and can be installed on premise. It has new and advanced features making this new application software easy to install and implement on premise eliminating the complicated procedures and technicalities in system installation and configuration.

Downloadable and easy to install
Online licensing, full web-based


Empower people by providing fast and easy mastery of the process!

Business Driven People Focus

Fast and accurate load times

Security and Integrity

Government Compliant

Empowering Connections

Comprehensive Employee Record

Seamless Migration of data


Encrypted data

License is transferable at no cost to you

Free updates in government tables
and reports

When we say all-in-one, we really mean it.

This is what you’ll get with our one-of-a-kind software:

Extensive System for Employee Records
  • Easily store and retrieve your employees’ information and documents
  • Ensure the privacy and security of your employee data
Hassle-Free Leave Management
  • Customize the different leave types according to your company preference
  • Record and automate employees’ leave credits, applications, and requests for SL/VL cash conversion
Efficient Timekeeping
  • Immediately generate your employees’ timekeeping and attendance details (including filed leaves, tardiness, undertime, and more)
  • No need to manually encode time logs once you integrate our Virdi Biometrics system
Accurate Computation of Payroll
  • Integrate your Payroll, Leave, and Timekeeping modules for the ultimate seamless experience
  • Say goodbye to manual computations as our system automatically computes mandatory statutory deductions (SSS, Philhealth, Pagibig, Withholding Tax, bonuses, 13th Month Pay, and Year-End Tax Adjustments)
Insightful Dashboard
  • Instantly review analytics and statistical information
  • Personalize your dashboard according to the features that are important for you 



The application through its seamless downloading and system installation can be made available to users instantaneously upon online purchase of the software thereby eliminating the time-consuming delivery activity. Installation is simplified for faster and simple to follow on-screen instructions


Integra HRIS 365 users will be guided by the built-in wizard that provides easy learning and mastery of the detailed step-by-step procedure through a series of well- defined digital tutorials within the application such as Data Migration, Setting Up, DTR and Payroll Processing Wizard. The easiest to install Integra HRIS ever that you can do it on your own.

Let us help you manage your team more efficiently and effectively

We specifically built IntegraHRIS 365 with your business and employees in mind.

Main Features and Functionalities

Insightful Dashboard

Instant viewing and monitoring of statistical information and graphical summaries. Designed to be customizable and user-friendly.

Quick Note

Birthday Celebrants

On Leave employees

Employees by confidentiality level

Employees by employment status

Organizational Unit viewing

Custom Timekeeping setup view number of employees under

Monthly Net Pay Summary

Absenteeism and Tardiness bar graph

Salary Adjustment tracker


Employee Record

Comprehensive and systematic recording of employee’s information and 201 File. Employee Record or sometimes called the Electronic 201 File lets you experience hassle-free storage and retrieval of data and documents for each employee which includes their personal information, employment details, and 201 records. You can also mitigate the risk of lost and deteriorating documents by utilizing the attachment of electronic copies of employee’s files (e.g. Birth Certificate, Certificate of Employment, etc.) which can also be printed any time, as needed.

Leave Management

Accuracy and ease in monitoring Employee’s Leave Applications and balances. IntegraHRIS 365 gives you the flexibility in defining the leave types available in your company, as well as recording the employee’s leave credits, leave applications, and requests for SU VL cash conversion. What’s more is that the system can automatically compute and update the remaining leave balances of employees and generate relevant and timely reports for you.

Time and Attendance

Fast and efficient processing of the employee’s daily time record (DTR). In a single click, you can immediately generate the complete and accurate timekeeping details of an employee, with automatic identification of filed leaves, holidays, incurred tardiness/ undertime and others. Notable and significant improvement in DTR processing speed has also been implemented in the IntegraHRIS 365 as compared to its previous versions, allowing you to process multiple employees all at once in no time. The system also works seamlessly with the Virdi Biometrics and can directly capture time logs from the device, eliminating the manual procedure of encoding or importing them.

Payroll Management

Versatile setup and uncomplicated processing of payroll. With the seamless integration of the payroll, leave and timekeeping modules, IntegraHRIS 365 guarantees accurate computation of your employee’s payroll. Sit back, relax, and let the system do the payroll for you as it also automatically computes mandatory statutory deductions such as SSS, Philhealth, Pagibig and withholding tax. No more manual computations since the system can also process bonuses, 13th month pay, and yea-r end tax adjustments in just a few clicks .


Effortless and immediate generation of precise reports and forms. IntegraHRIS 365 incorporated a wide range of standard and Practically generated HR reports and forms, available for you! With Over 100 reports, the system also boasts its customizable reports and Forms such as certificates, claims and memos.

Loan Management

Convenience in monitoring loans and flexibility of its payment terms. Reduce the tedious monitoring of employee loans by scheduling Loan deductions based on preference (e.g. Every payout, once Month, etc). No worries on overlooking deductions and Overpayments since the system automatically withholds loan payments from employee’s payroll and will also automatically stop deductions once the loan balance reaches zero. At your disposal, loans can also be tagged as “inactive” to Temporarily suspend deductions.


Confidentiality and enhanced security through user-defined policies and back-up/ restore utilities. Worried about data privacy and safety of your data? You don’t have to! IntegraHRIS 365 lets you define the roles and access of the end-users with the authority of setting the password policies for them. If you’re also concerned about losing your data or doing irreversible modifications, the system gives you the control in backing up and migrating/ restoring data immediately.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let our systems do all the work for you.

With Integra HRIS 365, you can:

Join with more than 2000 companies who have
started making their HR processes a breeze.

We have subscription plans for every size of businesses.

Micro Package

1-19 Employees
2,000 Per Month
  • 1 Concurrent Processor
  • Up to 19 employees on records

Small Package 1

20-49 Employees
3,500 Per Month
  • 1 Concurrent Processor
  • Up to 49 employees on records

Small Package 2

50-99 Employees
5,000 Per Month
  • 2 Concurrent Processor
  • Up to 99 employees on records

Medium Package

100-199 Employees
7,500 Per Month
  • 2 Concurrent Processor
  • Up to 199 employees on records​

Large Package

200-499 Employees
12,000 Per Month
  • 2 Concurrent Processor
  • Up to 499 employees on records​

Extra Large Package 1

500-999 Employees
25,000 Per Month
  • 2 Concurrent Processor
  • Up to 999 employees on records​

Extra Large Package 2

1000-1999 Employees
35,000 Per Month
  • 3 Concurrent Processor
  • Up to 1999 employees on records​

Extra Large Package 3

2000-2999 Employees
45,000 Per Month
  • 4 Concurrent Processor
  • Up to 2999 employees on records​

Extra Large Package 4

Up to 4000 employees on records
55,000 Per Month
  • 5 Concurrent Processor
  • Up to 4000 employees on records​

Check out our answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.

As soon as you’ve subscribed, we’ll be emailing you a link where you can download and install the system on your computer.

Our system can be accessed on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone using your browser.

Our minimum subscription term is 1 year.

If you choose to avail of a 5-year subscription, you can get 50% off your total fees PLUS a free ESS Module.

We accept the following payment options:
1. BDO Bank deposit
2. All major credit and debit cards through Paymaya

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