The ultimate end-to-end solution when it comes to managing your employees. Integra HRIS helps streamline all your HR-related processes such as recruitment, employee management, leave management, timekeeping, payroll processing, and so much more.

Integra HRIS Government Edition is the complete HRIS solution tailor – fitted to the government agencies practices and requirements. It is compliant to the CSC, GSIS, Philhealth, PAG-IBIG, and BIR. It is Data Privacy Act (DPA) compliant and has undergone different stages of periodical Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). 

Integra HRIS Government Edition is the complete solution to handle the employee from hiring to retirement or separation and includes the following modules: Employee Record Management, Time and Attendance, Leave Management, Load Module, Payroll Management, Recruitment Module, Strategic Performance Management, Learning and Development, Property Monitoring, Medical, Health and Wellness, Retirement Module, Reward and Recognition, Executive Information (Dashboard) and Employee Self – Service and even includes a module for Work – From – Home (WFH) to accommodate the changes n human resource management brought about by the on-going pandemic.

Key benefits

Complete Solution from Hiring to Separation

It's everything about each employee. All records from day one of employment up to the time they retire or resign.

Improve Employee's Productivity

By reducing the amount of HR tasks, this will free-up employees' focus for more relevant issues such as creation of strategies in career development.

On Demand Data Analytics

Gives information whenever required; fast and easy in performing data analysis such as cost analytics, turn over rate, manpower count and more.

Process Workflow, Prompts, Messages and Notifications

Process workflow fastracks the approval process of applications and request by employees while prompts, messages, and notifications provide guidance and instructions to users making the system to be very user-friendly.

Fast and Easy Retrieval of HRIS Information

Executive Information are readily available through dashboards, while Employee's Leave Ledger, Daily Time Record and Leave Balance are viewable anytime, anywhere through Employee Self-Service Module.

Report Customizer for easy creation of required Reports

The system makes it very easy for its users to create and generate their reportorial requirements without the need for coding, programming and/or re-programming.


Pre-defined charts and graphical data presented in the dashboard keep the management up-to-date. The system also provides demographic information such as graphs for number of employees per age bracket employment status, organization unit, and more.


    • Organizational Unit
    • Number of Employees
    • List of employees Without Time-In as of 9:00AM
    • Birthdays for the Month
    • Age Ranges
    • List of Retiring Employees
    • List of Casuals with Expiring Contract
    • Total Number of Married, Single and Solo Parent
    • Total Number of Senior Citizens
    • Employees per location
    • Employees Education
    • Total Number of present and Absent Employees
    • Employees with Expiring Temporary Re-Assignment
    • Leave Information
    • Accumulated Leaves and Late


    • Gross, Deductions, and Net Pay
    • Budget Utilization per Plantilla


    • Total number of Vacant Positions
    • Number of Male and Female
    • Applicants Number of Qualified and Not-Qualified Applicants
    • Applicants Number of Qualified and Not-Qualified Applicants


    • Total Number of Male and Female per Deseases
    • Employee and dependents Health Benefit Balance



Online submission of Personal Data Information and filing of required documentary requirements has never been more accessible and easier to internal and external applicants. The system handles scheduling of examinations and interviews with email notifications to applicants.  The module captures different status such as For Hiring, For Interview, For Examination, For Archive, For Future Pool, and Blacklisted. It automatically transfers hired applicant’s electronic record to employee Masterfile.


Integra HRIS Government Edition manages the information of all employees such as the complete Personal Data Information, scanned 201 document, Employee Career Movement, Agency Service Records and Plantilla History. Employee Records regarding family background, work experience, current employee details, employment history, service records, and other relevant information can easily maintained . Additionally, this module has the facility to process the issuance of all types of action notices such as promotion, renewal of contract, transfer, reinstatement, step increment, reassignment, job rotation, and a lot more. It also has a facility to attach documents such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Diploma, Training Certification and more.


Succession planning determines, develops, identifies and makes available people ready to occupy higher positions in the organization due to the vacancies that may arise from retirement, resignation, death, creation of new posts and new assignments. This module supports the effective development of talents based on CSC Eligibility and required qualification standards and utilizing these talents just in time when they are needed by the company.


Integra HRIS Government Edition Time and Attendance has the most comprehensive time and attendance solution. The system can create unlimited number of local and nationwide holidays and schedules including flexi-time, core-time, shifting and attendance exempt that can be assigned on per employee basis. Employee’s overtime can either be paid in cash or be converted into Compensatory Overtime Credit (COC). In addition, systems can be linked directly to biometric devices thus eliminating manual input of time in and time out of employees


Process payroll for thousands of employees in a few minutes, thereby saving a significant amount of time in payroll preparation. It automates computation of government statutory deductions and handles the processing of Year-End Benefit (YEB) and Cash Gift, Year-End Tax Adjustment, RATA, PERA, Loyalty Pay, Longevity Pay, and allows to create and define qualification criteria to process other unlimited earnings and bonuses and generates Government reports. It also tracks and maintains an unlimited number of loans like GSIS Loans, HDMF Loans, Salary Loans, and Emergency Loan on a per employee basis.


Managing and monitoring of employees leaves has never been this easy. Leave Management makes the updating of all leave types such as Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Paternity Leave, Maternity Leave and other more convenient. It even allows automatic generation of Sick Leave and Vacation Leave earnings per month and monetization of leave balances anytime of the year. Also, easily monitors the employees’ leave application status assuring that no applications will be left unattended.


This module allows users to create an unlimited number of training based in the competencies for further enhancement; provides a summary of the training required per employee based on the competency requirements per position and training requested by the employee. It also has the facility for the Personnel Development Committee for easy approval, identifying and monitoring of the Training Requirements through the ESS.


Measures performance of employee, organizational unit, and company as a whole based on scientific metrics as required by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). Allows submission of Individual Performance Commitment and Review (IPCPR) by each employee at the start of each applicable period. Aligns the IPCPR to the Office Performance Commitment and Review (OPCR) which are prepared, submitted, and approved by the Performance Management Team or PMT. Finalizes the performance rating of the offices and their corresponding employees and be used as the basis for the performance bonus and other rewards.


This module has a facility for generating reports and monitoring an unlimited number of events or activities such as sports, cultural events, social events, and wellness activities attended by employees. Participants/ employees can be notified through the Employee Self-Service Announcement Widget.


Allows paperless application and approval of employee-related HRIS process anytime and anywhere through online facility. Defines and Assigns approvers on a per employee basis. Notifies users on application/requests status. Allows employees to view and print their payslip, DTR and leave ledger to lessen HR Personnel load. Can be available through mobile application.


Completed Projects

Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan Information System Development

Implementation of the renowned, ever famous, successful Integra HRIS for the government and the customization of a software for their billing and collection and company registration. Integra HRIS manages the Human Resource System of the whole freeport area and at the same time manage the companies that are transacting in the freeport management and also the billing of all the utilities and rentals of all the companies and individuals that are residing or co-locators inside the freeport area.  


Procurement of the Presidential Management Staff Human Resource Management Information System

The Presidential Management Staff is the primary government agency responsible for providing technical assistance and advice to the President in exercising overall management of the development process. This is an ongoing project of HRIS, Cosmotech will automate the human resources work proccess by utilizing the latest technology and information system, with the primary purpose of streamlining and enhancing work efficiency, as well as minimizing human errors brought about by using existing manual or standalone systems with PMS have right now.

Department of Foreign Affairs Human Resources Information System

Developed a customized human resources information system (HRIS) solution to keep an electronic database of employee information and related personnel records for its Human Resource Management Office.


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