The ultimate end-to-end solution when it comes to managing your employees. Integra HRIS helps streamline all your HR-related processes such as recruitment, employee management, leave management, timekeeping, payroll processing, and so much more.

Integra HRIS Government Edition is the complete HRIS solution tailor – fitted to the government agencies practices and requirements. It is compliant to the CSC, GSIS, Philhealth, PAG-IBIG, and BIR. It is Data Privacy Act (DPA) compliant and has undergone different stages of periodical Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). 

Integra HRIS Government Edition is the complete solution to handle the employee from hiring to retirement or separation and includes the following modules: Employee Record Management, Time and Attendance, Leave Management, Load Module, Payroll Management, Recruitment Module, Strategic Performance Management, Learning and Development, Property Monitoring, Medical, Health and Wellness, Retirement Module, Reward and Recognition, Executive Information (Dashboard) and Employee Self – Service and even includes a module for Work – From – Home (WFH) to accommodate the changes n human resource management brought about by the on-going pandemic.

Key benefits

Complete Solution from Hiring to Separation

It's everything about each employee. All records from day one of employment up to the time they retire or resign.

Improve Employee's Productivity

By reducing the amount of HR tasks, this will free-up employees' focus for more relevant issues such as creation of strategies in career development.

On Demand Data Analytics

Gives information whenever required; fast and easy in performing data analysis such as cost analytics, turn over rate, manpower count and more.

Process Workflow, Prompts, Messages and Notifications

Process workflow fastracks the approval process of applications and request by employees while prompts, messages, and notifications provide guidance and instructions to users making the system to be very user-friendly.

Fast and Easy Retrieval of HRIS Information

Executive Information are readily available through dashboards, while Employee's Leave Ledger, Daily Time Record and Leave Balance are viewable anytime, anywhere through Employee Self-Service Module.

Report Customizer for easy creation of required Reports

The system makes it very easy for its users to create and generate their reportorial requirements without the need for coding, programming and/or re-programming.


Pre-defined charts and graphical data presented in the dashboard keep the management up-to-date. The system also provides demographic information such as graphs for number of employees per age bracket employment status, organization unit, and more.


    • Organizational Unit
    • Number of Employees
    • List of employees Without Time-In as of 9:00AM
    • Birthdays for the Month
    • Age Ranges
    • List of Retiring Employees
    • List of Casuals with Expiring Contract
    • Total Number of Married, Single and Solo Parent
    • Total Number of Senior Citizens
    • Employees per location
    • Employees Education
    • Total Number of present and Absent Employees
    • Employees with Expiring Temporary Re-Assignment
    • Leave Information
    • Accumulated Leaves and Late


    • Gross, Deductions, and Net Pay
    • Budget Utilization per Plantilla


    • Total number of Vacant Positions
    • Number of Male and Female
    • Applicants Number of Qualified and Not-Qualified Applicants
    • Applicants Number of Qualified and Not-Qualified Applicants


    • Total Number of Male and Female per Deseases
    • Employee and dependents Health Benefit Balance



It is an application for the recording of employees’ comprehensive detailed information such as personal information, family background, educational attainment, employment details, work experience, trainings/ seminars attended, service records and keeping of employees’ important documents e.g. birth certificate, diploma, transcript of records, etc.. It monitors the employees’ employment details and records their movements from employees’ hiring until their separation from the agency or company.
  • Recording, monitoring, and keeping of employees updated detailed information
  • Personal Data Sheet (PDS) Update Request
  • Facilitates online Personnel Service Request
  • Employees’ Analytics and Demographics
  • Ready availability of Employees’ Important Documents for viewing
  • Easy navigation and searching mechanism
  • Feedback/ Survey
  • In-app and/or Email Notification
  • Married


Payroll System streamlines the payroll processes by automating the processing and computation of employees’ regular and other yearly payroll. Seamless connection with the Time and Attendance System for the processed Daily Time Record entries of employees per month.

Efficiently perform regular payroll processing that provides automatic and accurate computation of employees’ monthly earnings, statutory deductions, and regular allowances received every payroll period. Capable of separately processing the quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly bonuses, benefits, bonuses, gifts, and other earnings with customizable and configurable criteria for entitlement.

Easy creation and generation of required reports or payroll through pre-defined reports by the system such as General Payroll Report, Payslip, and Remittance Reports for Government Agencies (GSIS, HDMF, PhilHealth, and BIR). Report Customizer is provided for ad hoc report generation.


Time and Attendance supports fast processing of the employee Daily Time Record (DTR). This ensures the accurate computation of the employee’s attendance in-real time that can be connected and linked to a compatible biometrics device for seamless downloading of time logs. It provides setups that will allow the flexibility of the system to comply with the agency’s current timekeeping processing rules, and the CSC policy such as setting up of CSC Monthly and Daily Table, different schedules including 40 hours per week, and others.

  • User Maintainable Timekeeping and Leave Setup
  • Unlimited Leave Type
  • With Facility to define the different shifting and flexi-time schedules.
  • Allows exemption in attendance for the higher position
  • Generation of Leave Credits
  • Management of Employee’s Leave and Timekeeping
  • Related Applications
  • Generation of leave and Timekeeping related reports.


A web-based application that is readily available to employees through employee self-service for PhilHealth MDR, Office Facility Reservation Request, Employee’s Feedback Survey Submission, and Incident Reporting. It is accessible to HR Processors for identification of retiring employees, employees with administrative cases, determination of employee’s performance rating and employees who are due for loyalty awards. It generates information that is useful for planning when providing timely services, benefits, and awards to employees. It helps in improving employees’ morale and satisfaction through timely recognition of employees’ efforts.
  • Advance and updated information of retiring employees
  • With Employees’ as of date information
  • Accurate salary deduction & net pay
  • Report on daily absences/ leave without pay
  • Loyalty award
  • Current PhilHealth MDR
  • Facility Reservation Request
  • Feedback/ Survey Setup/ Feedback/ Survey
  • Facility for Incident Reporting
  • Generation of Reports and Analytics


Organize hiring processes by automating repetitive tasks and efficiently managing records from applicant requirements submission, status monitoring, onboarding, and collection of Personal Records for newly hired employees. It has the following features:

  • Saves time by setting up repetitive tasks
  • Highly structured Reference Tables aid decision- making
  • Eliminates duplication and demonstrates effective planning with a well- defined organizational structure
  • Streamline Publication request communication
  • Organize a strategy for filling a vacant position and keep track of its progress
  • Increase the visibility of a job posting announcement
  • Quickly and easily view all the Applicants
  • Organize Applicant’s Record
  • Reach more qualified applicants through Online Recruitment
  • Optimize the Applicant’s Evaluation Process
  • Simplify the Deliberation Process
  • Decrease your risk of missing out on the best candidates
  • Reduce the length of the new hire’s onboarding process
  • Maximize the use of reports
  • Improves Candidate’s Experience through Feedback/ Survey
  • Easy Account Deletion from Online
  • Real-time Integration with Other Modules


It is a web-based application for setting up, recording, keeping, and monitoring the company’s organizational structure. It defines the positions and plantilla that support each organizational structure detailing the required job descriptions, competencies, salary grade, step, incumbent, and other details per plantilla item or position.

  • Clear definition of organizational units and sub-units through Organizational units’ file maintenance and charts
  • Detailed identification of positions and plantilla that are available per organizational unit.
  • With tagging and determination of key positions from the defined available positions and plantilla that recognize key and crucial positions.
  • Fast determination and vacant, excess positions, and positions with movements.
  • Notifications, prompts, and messages
  • Audit Trail for added security
  • Customizable Reports for flexibility


This module aids in mapping out employee skills and ensuring they are aligned with the goals of the organization. It creates and stores plans for the year, post, cancel, and reschedule training with a facility to define the title, course description, objectives, and competency addressed to generic target participants, and others. It monitors the number of participation requests received, training participation status and competencies acquired by the employee, service obligations, and responses to post-training requirements. It has the facility to create a library of scholarship programs for the year with monitoring of scholarship records and the status of the granted employees including their course, school expenses, academic records, and others.

  • Management and scheduling of training and scholarship grants
  • Required training per employee
  • Employee’s training participation requests
  • Employee’s grant participation requests
  • Generation of reports for training and scholarship grants


Career and Performance Management is a systematic approach to measuring the performance of both organization and employees. It caters to the process through which the organization aligns the mission, vision, objectives, and strategies goals followed by department goals and individual/ employee goals.

Career Performance Management is essential to provide feedback and help identify the High and Low performers of the organization. Performance Output gathered will help the HR Department in decisions such as promotions, learning and development programs, and imposing of disciplinary actions. The end-to-end process of measuring the performance, targets, goals, and rating Employees through Individual Performance Commitment Review
Clearly define the vision and assess the periodic goals of the Employees through Employee Development Plan
Empower employees through guided sessions and facility to correct observed issues and improvements through Coaching Journal


This module offers system flexibility by allowing the end-user to define the awards that will be offered by the agency including the setting of criteria to become qualified to each award. Employees are then provided with an option to submit their nominations through Employee Self Service Portal. Internally, the assessors come up with the list of nominees and the system notifies/ prompts the evaluators/ raters to assign ratings based on criteria per listed nominee. The system provides scores and ratings that help the PRAISE committee members to identify the final awardee. A congratulatory letter to the awardee may be sent to the fortunate awardee and a regret letter to other nominees.


Faster processing of employees’ retirement applications by organizing the employees’ records for easy access. This module will make the time-consuming and tedious process of monitoring the documentary requirements of the retiring employees easier and more manageable.

  • Provides a facility to define the retirement age of the employees who will be eligible for the retirement application.
  • Automatically list the employees who have reached the specified retirement age for the processors’ reference.
  • Import multiple records for the list of documents.
  • Provides a facility to define the set of approvers for the submitted retirement application of the employee per location and department.
  • Import set of approvers.
  • Provides a facility for the internal processor to monitor and view all submitted retirement applications from ESS on the given period.
  • Attach multiple files for the manually added retirement application.
  • Notifies the employees upon reversal, approval, or disapproval of their submitted application for retirement.
  • Allows the designated approvers to review, approve, or reject the submitted retirement application.
  • Notifies the approver that an application has been submitted for approval.


The objective of succession planning is to identify, develop, and make available people ready to occupy higher positions in the organization. The vacancies may arise due to retirement, resignation, death, creation of new posts, and new assignments. Succession Management supports the effective development of talents and utilizing these talents just in time when they are needed by the company. The pre- prerequisites needed in developing effective succession management are the determination of the available positions, critical roles, or key critical positions which must be identified. It has the following features:
Employee’s assigned assets

  • Easy identification of key critical roles that will have a significant impact on the organization for succession planning and workforce management
  • Detailed drafting of success profiles for the skills and abilities needed to succeed in the particular key critical position.
  • Customizable assessment forms and questionnaires to determine whether or not the essential skills and abilities of the potential candidate have been met
  • Immediate generation of Potential candidates who are likely to satisfy the required skills and capabilities necessary for the key critical role.
  • Facilitate the assessment of the development needs of the identified potential candidate for improvement of their skills to qualify for the critical position.
  • Track and measure the progress of the potential successors
  • Online and paperless evaluation and assessment of potential employees for succession
  • Generation of reports to support decision-making with the management


Helps to closely monitor and keep track of the assets and properties that are assigned to company’s employees or organizational units i.e. division/ section or unit. This ensures the correct accountability of the assets and properties of the company with its tracking and monitoring capability; It assigns and generates asset tags before their release or issuance to employees or organizational unit. This also provides facility to maintain and manage the office supplies that are being dispensed or issued per department/ division that helps custodian and management to easily monitor and track the inventory of the office supplies as it automatically updates the inventory balance that determines the items for re-order at any given time and generates inventory reports: daily, monthly and annually. The confidentiality and security of the records are well maintained and monitored through the audit trail facility and role-based access that are configured through the System Administration module.

  • Employee’s assigned assets
  • Maintenance and management of office supplies inventory
  • Generation of property monitoring related reports
  • User maintainable reference tables
    Security and Authentication


The system generates reports that are compliant with Civil Service Commission (CSC) requirements such as the Personal Data Sheet (PDS) of Employees, Service Records Reports, Daily Time Records (DTR), Reports on Appointments Issued (RAI), etc. It is generating fifty-nine (59) Civil Service Commission (CSC) Required reports and is able to generate more than two hundred (200) standard reports covering all of HRIS major modules. It provides analytics and dashboards in pre-defined charts and graphical formats. The system ensures flexibility in reporting and generation of analytics through customization and the creation of reports and dashboards that can be easily configured by the end-users/ processors.

  • Fifty- Nine (59) Civil Service Commission (CSC) standard reports
  • Ten (10) standard reports for Record Management
  • Twenty- three (23) DTR and Leave related reports
  • Nineteen (19) Recruitment/ Talent Acquisition reports
  • Fifteen (15) Learning and Development standard reports
  • Sixty-four (64) Compensation and Benefits including Remittances to BIR, GSIS, Philhealth, and Pag-ibig
  • Ten (10) Performance Management reports
  • Five (5) Rewards and Recognition reports
  • Three (3) standard reports for Planning and Organization that includes the company’s Organizational Chart
  • Data visualization and dashboarding
  • With the facility to create, post, delete, and store announcements with a date when it is posted and can be linked to Employee Self-Service for the posting of announcement to employees
  • Generated accessible dashboard based on the available data fields across functional modules and sub-modules
  • Provides summarized information presented in pre-defined charts and graphical formats
  • With the facility to customize the dashboard based on the available data fields in the system
  • Filtering of records based on the selected date covered and/ or selected fields available in the system
  • Allows the user to print the dashboard reports
  • Compatible for mobile viewing
  • Can generate dashboards with predictive analytics.


Allows paperless application and approval of employee-related HRIS process anytime and anywhere through online facility. Defines and Assigns approvers on a per employee basis. Notifies users on application/requests status. Allows employees to view and print their payslip, DTR and leave ledger to lessen HR Personnel load. Can be available through mobile application.


Completed Projects

Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan Information System Development

Procurement of the Presidential Management Staff Human Resource Management Information System

Department of Foreign Affairs Human Resources Information System

Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) Supply, Delivery, Installation and Implementation of a Comprehensive Human Resource Information System (HRIS)- Government Edition


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