Attend to all customer complaints, incidents and issues raised using a cloud/ web- based solution that automates the support system of any organization by providing real- time assistance to the customers.

A cloud/ web- based solution for the reporting of the issues and concerns, elevates these issues to the concerned support groups and monitors the status and record the resolution of these issues.

A system that integrates the various types of issues, concerns; consolidates and maintains the related knowledge base information; and links them together to provide informative, accurate and timely information per raised concern or issue. A ready- to use software solution that requires minimal customization and can be deployed on cloud or on premise.

In an organization, it becomes difficult to keep track of request statuses and tasks when there are multiple such requests being made every day. To ensure smooth functioning of an organization, which is essential for its productivity, you need to have some solution to manage requests and tasks


User Friendly and Intuitive User- Interface

Service Request, Incident, Tickets, Issues and Problems Management

Built- in Dashboard

Email and Chat thread

Root- Cause analysis

Customizable Workflows that support data capturing, data processing, presentation of results, escalations and approvals that eliminates hard coding for required changes

Generate system notifications for any transactions that needs appropriate action

Role based access and Audit Trail for added security

Knowledge- based content Management

Flexible customizable forms and templates for adding and updating of columns, fields, and parameters.

Interoperability with other IT Management systems

Data Privacy Act (RA 10173) compliant


Dashboard Management

Customizable Dashboard that displays, tracks, and monitors the Helpdesk System through real time information of issues such as summary on number of issues per status, top issues, aging issues in the form of tables, line charts, bar charts and gauges
Advance keyword search facility or variety of search methodologies to quickly find certain ticket/issue, knowledge base article, customer/user profile and other data
In- App analytics that provides insights to the management that supports decision making

Service Requests, Incident, Tickets, and Issues Management

Maintain, identify, and manage the reported incidents, issues, and service request within the agency/ organizational unit
Allow requesters from various channels to create, modify, escalate, resolve, close and cancel the incident, issues, and service requests to concerned parties

Escalate to multiple or various assignees, individual employee, group of employees or organizational unit as needed with categorization, priority matrix, monitoring management and others.

Knowledge Base Management

Obtain an updated information that can be created or added and modified which can attach files in different types from various sources such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Job Aids, policies, resolutions, workarounds and others.

Organize proper classification with indexing/ tagging of knowledge base articles that can be linked to incidents, requests, and problems easily.

Requester/ Customer/ User Profile

Creation and modification of user information of personnel such as Name, ID, Office, Address, Contact Number and other required data can be captured with predefined forms and templates to add and update fields, columns and parameters.
Ability to link Requester/ User Profile to the created incident, service requests and problem of the users.

Workflow Management

With Configurable workflow process for each defined issue/ request type with option to define the owner per workflow step with computation of the time spent or Turn-Around-Time per processor and/or Department/Section/Unit to complete the processing of the hardcopy documents


Send email/ in-app notifications for all status of tickets to concerned/ assigned users, creation of user account and reset/ forgot passwords of users

Configuration Management

Accessible and efficient administration of system configuration and management
With user maintainable reference tables, libraries, and configurable workflow

System Security

Two- Factor Authentication using Password and Captcha
Configurable Password Policy
View a complete history or audit trail that monitors the activities done by each authorized user on the system that can be retrieved and generated easily

Feedback/ Survey Management

View automated user satisfaction survey that collects feedback from end users Customizable feedback form

User Management

Capable of enforcing role-based access to different types of user for restriction and grant of access per module

Report Management

Provide a built-in and customizable pre-defined forms and report generation which is flexible for adding and updating of fields, columns, and parameters that can be exported in different types/ formats and can handle large volumes of data easily.
Closed Issues/ Requests for the Period
Issues/ Requests Received for the Period
Issues/ Requests Received per Organizational Unit
List Of Cancelled Issues/ Requests for the Period
Summary of Feedback/ Survey
Custom Report

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