Fully automate the entire organization’s Health and Wellness program with the Integra Health and Wellness System. Manage all health and wellness related needs of your employees from consultations, hospitalizations and claims, medicine dispensing and wellness programs. It also provides a lifetime repository of all medical records of the employees.

A system that integrates the various medical transactions and processes that work together to generate accurate, timely reports, and analytics. It’s a software solution that works either for web or cloud based, a solution for recording, maintenance and monitoring of employees’ health conditions, consultations, medicine, consumptions, claims, reimbursements, and other medical related activities. It requires minimal customization and can be deployed on cloud or on premise.

General Features

It is user-friendly and has intuitive user interfaces.
Built- in Dashboard
Have ability to seamlessly link all modules/sub-modules by Identifying appropriate roles of data owners.
With workflow that supports the data capturing, data processing, presentation of results to the user, escalation, and approvals
Facility for online self-service for all employees (applications and approvals).
Ability to generate system notification for any transaction made in the system that needs appropriate action.
Role based access and Audit Trail for added security
Flexible customizable forms and templates for adding and updating of columns, fields, and parameters.
Interoperability with other IT Management systems
Data Privacy Act (RA 10173) compliant


Dashboard Management
It has dashboards for analytics that supports the management’s decision making;
Top 5 medical complaints of the Employees per Month
Top 5 medical diagnosis of the Employees per Month
Medicine Supplies with Critical Balance
Allowed vs. disallowed - Claims
Custom Dashboard
Security Management

Ensure that only authorized users can access the system with the provided role-based permission when accessing the different modules of the system. Audit trail is also available to monitor the activities done by each authorized user on the system.

Workflow Management
Workflow Configuration supports the data capturing, data processing, presentation of results to the user, escalation and approvals.
Configurable Reference Tables
Ensures adaptability through definable and configurable data as follows:
Company Information
Organizational Unit
Location Table
Position Code
Salary Grade Table
Employment Status
Plantilla Non Plantilla
Doctor's Profile
Consultation Module
It allows the employees to schedule medical appointment or consultation (Face to face or On Queue Consultation, Teleconsultation, During Consultation) and submit the requests to accredited doctors and facilitates the attachment of LOA. The doctors will be notified regarding the requests submitted by employees for medical appointment. It also provides an option for doctors to either approve or disapprove the consultation request.
Wellness Program
Facilitates the preparation of wellness plans and wellness program, approval of requests for Wellness Programs. Allows the employees to request for Wellness Program Participation and request for the schedule in the usage of Lactation Facility and other facilities. Monitors the wellness programs attended by the employees through feedback survey.
Medical Related Leaves

Medical Related Leaves Monitoring: With the need to relate the absences of the employees to their health condition, this module is included to facilitate the monitoring and keeping of the Employee’s Medical Related Leave Ledger. It also allows the creation of different types of medical related leaves and provides an option to link to HRIS Leave Monitoring. Covered Medical related leaves are as follows: Sick Leave, Medical Forced Leave, Magna Carta, Maternity Leave and Rehab Leave.

Medicine Management

Medicine Management maintains the list of Suppliers, list of Stockrooms, list of Pharmacies, Medicine category, list of Medicines and Supplies, and Medicine Set-up. Medicine Management module monitors Stockroom and Pharmacy’s Inventory such as Requisitions/ Purchases, Dispensed, Returned, Disposed and Inventory as of. It allows request for medicine issuance and return via Employee Self Service (ESS), facilitate Medicine Issuance Processing and Processes the Medicine Returns.

Self Service for Doctors

This module allows the accredited doctors to schedule their appointment with their patients either face to face or teleconsultation. Record and monitor their patient’s medical conditions and provide diagnosis, prescription and health assessment to their patients who were diagnosed.

Self Service for Employees and Approvers
This module is intended to serve as portal to employees to provide online access for the submission of the following requests:
Reimbursement Claims
Leave Request
Wellness Participation
Feedback survey
Request for Gym Usage
Lactation Room Schedule Request
Dental Records

Dental Records Module is used to maintain and keep the following:

Dental Treatment Record
Intraoral Examination
Dental Consultations

Fully automate all health and wellness related needs of your employees

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