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Instantly track, monitor and locate all the documents through its assigned unique Document code.

Docutrakr is a web-based application that automates the process of receiving, accessing, and searching of documents for status monitoring. It records who received the document, assigns QR Code/ Document Code, stamps the date and time upon its receipt and indicates the status of the document while it is being processed. A set of process workflow combined with pre-assigned processor and expected turnaround time are automatically assigned by the system upon identification of the requested process following the submission of the hardcopy and attached documents.

Search facility using QR code or document code to track the following:

General Features

Web-based application with responsive User Interface

Specify document processor (employee/ department)
Expected and Actual document processing time
Customizable Workflow per document
Document and its attachments filing location
Document processing status
Effortless status monitoring and document tracking
Enhanced Customer Service
Graphical representation of process workflows
User role access management
Built-in Audit Trail for better Security
Data Privacy Act (RA 10173) compliant
Cloud or On-premise deployment ready


Document Receiving and Processing
Assignment, generation, and printing of QR code or Document code.
Printing of checklist of processes and required workflow
Realtime stamping of received document
Facilitate the attachment of related documents
Predetermination and assignment of process workflow per received document
Email/ in-app notifications for all status of submitted documents
Requestor - every receipt of the document by each processor stating the most
recent status
Processor - upon receipt of the document by the next processor as acknowledgement
Configurable Reference Tables
Ensures adaptability through definable and configurable data as follows:
Organizational unit - with definable multiple levels in the company (Dept/Unit/Section)
Employees - Masterfile of Employees and Department. Unit, or Section of
their assignment
Locations - where the documents may be stored or archived; with definable multiple tiers/ levels
Status of the Document - with setup of desired status per document phase
Processes - configurable list of processes with definable Turn-Around-Time
for each process

Workflow Management

With Configurable workflow process for each document with computation of the time spent or Turn-Around-Time per processor and/or Department/Section/Unit to complete the processing of documents
Flexible / movable and configurable sequence of processes per workflow
Generate workflow diagram for each submitted document
With detailed information per process in the workflow for easier tracking of document status
Dashboard Management
Built-in Customizable Dashboard that display, track and monitor the document through real time summarized information presented in pre-defined charts and
graphical format.
In-App analytics that provides insights to the management that may supports decision making.
System Security
Two-Factor authentication using Password and Captcha
Configurable Password Policy
Viewing of complete audit trail history that monitors the activities done by each authorized user on the system that can be generated and retrieved easily.
Report Management
Generate Document Tracking Reports in Excel, CSV or PDF format:
Received QR Coded Documents for the day or for the period
Received QR Coded Documents per Organizational Unit
Processed QR Coded Documents for the Day/ Period
Processed QR Coded Documents completed on schedule/ time
Performing Department/ Unit for the Month - with the highest number of requests processed for the month. (selection of top 5, 10, 15, 20... etc.)
Performing Employees for the Month
Customizable Reports
Printable Audit Trail Report

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