About Us

You — our customers — define us.

Cosmotech and its clients work together, solve problems as partners, and celebrate success hand in hand. Our remarkable milestones could not have been achieved without the insight and trust of our remarkable clientele. Every new stage in our corporate history reflects the collective triumph of customers over their own bottlenecks, pain points, and challenges.

That is why helping customers break new grounds and keeping them happy are the reasons for our being. We do so by building individualized tech solutions that accelerate processes, cut costs, push efficiencies and margins to hyperdrive, and empower customers to reel in bigger profits or deliver stronger impact.

Formed in 1994, Cosmotech started building its diverse portfolio from a technological landscape that hadn’t been occupied with smartphones, WIFI, and social media. Google and Wikipedia only came a few years later and large-scale Internet use was still nearly a decade away. From simple hardware and software systems that assisted workplaces of the 1990s, we adapted our portfolio to include state-of-the-art operations powered by cloud technology, artificial intelligence, smart office systems, and sophisticated apps for private enterprises and government agencies.

We’ve been there and done that, so to speak. You can trust Cosmotech to have expertise in the domains we focus on. Regardless of your industry, scale, or line of business, you’ll find our best work on projects that require IT and Building Management Solutions. These include product distribution, project management, technology consulting and planning, engineering and system design services, project installations, equipment procurement/logistics, and implementation/commissioning. Whatever the engagement, you can expect our trademark reliability, fast service, customer convenience, and high-quality outcomes to apply at all times.


“To make a contribution to the business world by providing reliable and sustainable hardware and software integrated solutions, relentlessly in the pursuit of customer satisfaction and employee excellence.”


“To help every business have the best possible system solutions.”

Let us work from paper to the actual project

Our service covers surveying, designing, installation and maintenance of the solutions we offer with a competitive pricing range

since we are the direct importer of most of the equipment we use. Whether we do direct contracting jobs or work with our partner sub-contractors,

we never compromise the quality of our materials and workmanship.

Core Competencies

Cosmotech offers Integration Solutions through the convergence of hardware and software solutions. Our in-house software development team assures that clients' needs are met at the soonest possible time through integrity and commitment in research, design, testing and implementation. To be globally competitive, we see to it that we have conventional solutions combined with the latest trends in technology.

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